Since today is the global day of prayer I decided to go out into the community to join fellow Christians. Since none of my friends were able to come, I ventured out on my own.  When I arrived I found a moderate sized crowd waiting for the prayer service to begin.

When it started, we opened with our national anthem, and all seemed well. But when opening prayers started things went awry and fast. At this point I thanked the Holy Spirit for giving me the gift of discernment. So in a nutshell, what caused me a sense of unease was the event of two women yelling out random Christianese jargon while claiming to get ‘special words’ from the Holy Spirit. One woman made promises on ‘God’s behalf’ about specific things that would happen to our city and nation. I am convinced that she thought that she was prophesying and I knew that she was false.

After the false prophet did her thing, the music started playing. The musical component was fixated on the word “presence”, and the phrase “Shekinah glory come down” with the attempt to ‘slay in the spirit’. The worship leaders commanded the crowd to do things, rather than suggesting them. We were made to feel bad if we weren’t ‘waving to Jesus’. And some members in the crowd were cheering on the leaders whenever they yelled out  vague, empty, ‘pious sounding’ statements at random.

When the music ceased, the ‘leaders’ asked for a random laying of the hands on people. At this point I was packing up, ready to leave. I was honestly convinced that someone would try to impart some strange spirit into me. Thats how off this whole thing felt.  Thats why I literally ran away.

When I got home, I  researched the rest of the prayer leaders who I didn’t get to see, and they also raised red flags. One belonged to a parish that is blatantly Marian, and another leader was part of an ‘official council of prophets’, as if such a thing could exist. Also there was time for ‘spontaneous prayers’ which I know to mean in some circles as a time for spouting out some inspired sounding nonsense, and more ‘special revelations’.

So, with all of this happening, the last thing I could do was pray! There was too much chaos. But the one thing that gives me solace, is the knowledge that I can pray to God any day, and everyday, not just a designated day!


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