“A Christian is…

“A Christian is not a person who simply wears a cross or said a prayer in the past that has no effect on their life today. It is is a person who is engaged in an ongoing, constant belief, looking to Jesus as the source of life and strength. It is one who Jesus has saved and changed for for His own Glory.”

“What kind of Christianity does the Bible produce? One that entails a renewing of the mind – a mind that is active. There is a complete paradigm change. We are called to worship God with all of our being, our heart, soul, mind and strength. So serious Christianity, sanctifies and treats the Messiah as Holy in your heart. In your innermost part of your being, in your mind and intellect there is to be a treating of the Messiah as God himself. It orders your priorities in such a way that it if you’re doing this everyday, it results in a change in your life and behavior so that people will see a hope and life within you.”

Paraphrased excerpts from an interview of Dr. James White, by Romel Ghossain on Renewed Mind, an online Christian Media Production.


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