“Effective Evangelism” according to Christianity Today

imagesChristianity Today, a Christian magazine had lots to say against handing out gospel tracts, deeming them ineffective.  They gathered opinions from many like-minded people who used arguments like this:

  • “I’m not sure that it’s God’s favorite medium”
  • “the best evangelism is through sharing burdens, dreams, pains and fears”
  • “Very rarely. Most people become Christians through relationships, not by being handed pieces of paper.”
  • “These measures have little positive effect, but considerable potential for irritating their targets.”
  • Some methods of evangelism practiced today are not only irrelevant to disciple-making, but actually counter-productive to it. I would put most distribution of tracts and flyers and typical street evangelism methods into that category.”

Thankfully, some commenters recognized God’s sovereignty, and did not consider effective evangelism as fully reliant on man’s best schemes and ideas.

  • “It’s funny how men think; always looking for human results as the barometer for what’s right. This article seems to focus on the results of human efforts, not God’s will or glory. If it is God’s will that the gospel be preached and the foolishness of that act brings glory to Him, then so be it! The results are up to Him.”
  • “To think that by witnessing to someone you could so offend them to the point they will not put their faith in Christ is to say that God’s Sovereign Grace is so ineffectual that you could change it’s course.”
  • ” As a missionary and evangelist, I know the power of the TRACT (Gospel tract filled with scripture) especially in third world countries. I have been mobbed many times by lost hungry people who are hungry for the Good News and hope in Christ. You are handing out the WORD OF LIFE – GOD’s HOLY WORD and the Holy Spirit is right there witnessing and convicting of the truth in lost peoples hearts. God’s Word never returns void! Oh the stories and testimonies of salvation and new life found through the silent ministry of the Gospel Tract!”
  • “Asking, “Is it effective” as the prime condition ascribes to rank pragmatism, pure and simple. Very few, if any, prophets in the Bible were “effective” by today’s standards. Making “Does it work” the primary question rather than “Is this biblical” leads us into an entirely different religion.”
  • Tracts contain the Word of God. The Word of God is more powerful than anything on this earth or in the universe.

Here is the original article which provides a worldly perspective on ‘effective evangelism’:





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