Clean, even in the mud.

 There was a little girl who recognized her weakness, her frailty and her sin. She recognized that there were some things in her life that she couldn’t overcome right now.  But here is her problem  – she would see her sin, and because of the work of the devil and her own heart condemning her, she would put herself in the penalty box every time she sinned. She would think: “Well you can’t just go to God right now, you can’t just keep running back to Him. I mean, you sinned yesterday, and repented and asked for forgiveness, then you did the same exact thing today. If you run back to Him you are a hypocrite who does not appreciate God or have a high view of Him. What do you think he just hands out pardons to everyone?!”  — isn’t that what we tend to do and think?   – Paul Washer

But here is the good news …



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