Armor of God

Some small excerpts from Paul Washer’s sermon on Spiritual Warfare, and putting on the armor of God:


“Seek to be like Christ. The devil may slander, crucify you, burn you at the steak but he will not tarnish or soil your testimony. Our greatest equipment against him is to trust god, drawn this power, and seek to imitate Jesus Christ… The most powerful thing on this planet is a pious, Godly, simple, Christ-like walk. Your greatest need is to be like Jesus Christ. You need to put on Jesus Christ.”

“The christian enemies are superhuman in nature. They are the epitome  of evil, constantly on maneuvers,  and constantly waiting for an opportunity to attack. They have no love, show no mercy, possess no truth, and will not rest until you your testimony, those you love most and the things most precious are you are destroyed.”

Belt of Truth: This is the believer’s true knowledge of God. People used to tie up the tunics in their belts during battle so the tunic would not entangle their legs and cause them to stumble. The believer who does not have convictions founded upon God’s word will stumble and fall.

Breastplate of Righteousness: This is the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. If we fight the devil with our own integrity or righteousness we would sink. We can be bold because of the virtue and merit of Jesus Christ. The moment we believe in Him, we are imputed His righteousness, and the devil cannot do anything to break that strong armor.

Footwear – The Gospel of Peace: Our feet are for the preparation of the gospel of peace. This refers to the preparedness of our mind, our readiness to respond to God’s will, and willingness to follow to God’s leading.This person understands the peace they have with God through Jesus Christ as Lord. If someone is not sure that their sins are forgiven, they would be burdened down with a huge load, and cannot move quickly, joyfully, or boldly. When the assurance of Salvation through Christ is provided, a weight is taken off, and people are freed.

Shield of Faith: The shield of faith is used to deflect the actions of the devil. The devil comes and says ‘God does not love thee’ as a fiery dart against a person, and the shield of faith deflects that attack by the truth that ‘nothing can separate me from the love of God.’ Knowing, and believing the Word of God are crucial to deflecting the attacks of the adversary. Learn to identify and destroy the lies you believe with the word of God.

Helmet of Salvation: The helmet of salvation has to do with the mind, as the battle begins in the mind. What does the devil always try to do? He accuses God, accuses God to us, or accuses you before God. He tells us things about God that aren’t’ true, driving a wedge between you so you will not believe in His love, compassion, mercy, and grace towards you- especially when you sin. The devil will say ‘God doesn’t want you back, go away and leave,’  but the helmet protects you from all of that when you have a mature comprehension about your salvation.

Sword of the Spirit: The sword of the spirit is Word of God which can be used defensively and offensively. In defensive use think of this: How many people know enough scripture in their minds, and have it guarded so much that if they got into a face-to-face, and  hand-to-hand altercation with satan they would be able to respond with ‘it is written that ____’.

In offensive use, when the bible tells us to resist the devil we also need to advance and hold the ground that we’ve been given. We have been called to take the gospel to the world !




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