Fear Not

An excerpt from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon “Fear Not”, delivered March 9, 1880:

“I pray you will always remember, when you think of His perfection, that He has perfection of mercy as well as of holiness, and perfection of love to sinners as well as perfection of hatred of sin – and that, guilty as you are, you must never doubt His affection, for He has pledged you in His heart’s blood and proved His love by His death! Albeit that you are conscious of being less than nothing and vanity and know that Jesus is absolute perfection, yet regard Him not with timorous dread, but draw near to Him as confidently as a child to its parent, or a wife to her husband.

It is one of Satan’s temptations to make us afraid of Christ. Let us not be ignorant of his devices. Why should you be afraid of Jesus when He tells you not to be? Why dread the Lamb of God? He says, “Fear not.” It is not the preacher who cries, “Fear not,” but it is Jesus Himself who whispers to His poor servant fallen dead at His feet, “Fear not: fear not.”

 It will be disobedience, them, to be afraid. When those lips, which are as lilies dropping sweet-smelling myrrh, say to me, “Child of Mine, fear not,” how can I be afraid? Your safety lies, remember, dear friend, in trusting Jesus and not in being afraid of Him. There was never a soul yet saved by being afraid of Christ-there was never a prodigal that found forgiveness yet by being afraid of his father! This kind of fear needs casting out, for it has torment. Jesus our Lord, is great and good and He has chosen to become the Savior of sinners and we need not fear to approach Him, for, “this man receives sinners.” A Host that entertains at His table the poorest of the poor and the lowest of the low and bids them welcome is not one to be feared! Remember that if you are honestly afraid of Jesus, you must be afriad of grieving Him by being afraid of Him.

When the physician sees the patient shrinking from his knife, he does not wonder, but when Jesus sees you shrinking from that hand which does not wound, but cures by its own wound, He looks with eyes of sorrow upon such fear! Why shrink from Him? The little children ran into His arms! Why shrink from Him? Nothing cuts Him to the quick more than the unking, ungenerous thought that He is unwilling to receive the guilt. If He meant to keep you at a distance, He would have never left Heaven.


Read the whole sermon:  http://www.spurgeongems.org/vols25-27/chs1533.pdf


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