Street Evangelism Encounters

I was handing out some tracts downtown, and was stopped by an individual who claimed to have ‘a word’ for me. Now I am always skeptical of this kind of thing, but I listened just out of curiosity. They told me that they used to call themselves a Christian, now consider that title to be derogatory and blasphemous and suggested that the correct term is “Nazarene.” They also warned me not to call Jesus, Jesus, rather Yeshua, because they suggested that Jesus means ‘son of Zeus’.

The final straw was they they were suggesting that I was offending God by calling His son the wrong name, and that I was praying to someone else all together. I realized that this woman was part of the ‘sacred name movement’ developed from the Church of God. This movement also promotes people to obey old testament law, eating kosher foods, and observing Jewish festivals (GotQuestions, n.d.).

It is important to know that “the changing the language of a word does not affect the meaning of the word. We call a bound and covered set of pages a “book.” In German, it becomes abuch. In Spanish, it is alibro; in French, alivre. The language changes, but the object itself does not… In the same way, we can refer to Jesus as “Jesus,” “Yeshua,” or “YehSou” (Cantonese) without changing His nature. In any language, His name means “The Lord Is Salvation.” (GotQuestions, n.d.)

Another team member of mine had a person shout out to them something delusional about their son being boiled alive who was supposed to be the next messiah, and how the team member’s father was a robber. So I guess there was something crazy in the air that night! Not to mention the couple of people who yelled out ‘hail S—-‘

But all of our efforts were worth it that evening, and the Lord was with us, as evidenced by one person receiving salvation! What a night.


The Sacred Name Movement:

Yeshua or Jesus :


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