The Jealous One

Some lyrics to Shai Linne’s song about God’s Jealousy for us:

The God of the Bible who invites our trust
Must be understood to be nothing like us
Most of the time, human jealousy will hurt you
But when comes to God, His jealousy is a virtue

One of His awesome perfections surely
Thunders His law and protects His glory
He gave us the gift of the marriage relationship
To acquaint us with a faint taste of this
A wife for her husband or husband for wife
The only time jealousy is right in this life
But just as the distance is great between earth and stars
God’s thoughts are much higher than ours
So His jealousy is on a whole other level
Unintelligible to the soul of a rebel

But in sacred Scripture, God paints the picture
The aim: to shake your frame- it straight convicts ya
And that’s what it should do
God’s jealousy is frightful, yet it’s delightful and good, too
I couldn’t think of much worse if I tried
Than a dude who smirks if you flirt with His bride

So tell me, what kind of God would He be
If He wasn’t bothered to see idolatry?
Is God just supposed to laugh and withhold His wrath
When He’s replaced by a golden calf?
You say, I don’t worship a golden calf! 
Well for us, it’s self and sex and loads of cash
Atrocious paths, we still don’t know the half
Of how these things provoke His holy wrath
So we stand in awe and wonder how come
God took His jealous anger out on His Son
So all those trust Him can see like we’re supposed to see
And be forgiven for our spiritual adultery! 


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