The Love of God

“There are no days in heaven, but let’s just say there are for the sake of learning something. You walk into heaven and you may wonder if you will I know everything when you get there. You will know a lot-but you won’t know everything. And thats what makes heaven, that’s what keep heaven from being boring. You will spend the rest of eternity marking out an infinite God. And with every new dawn will bring greater measures of the knowledge of God, and throw you into greater states of ecstasy and Joy!

But not only that, the first day you arrive, grace is lavished upon you. The kindness of God is lavished upon you. You walk through the door and the kindness of God in front of all of creation is poured forth on you, and all of creation looks at what you were-what God has made you, and the kindness He is bestowing on you on that day, and they say (principalities, powers, angels), ‘now we understand who God is!’ And the fall down and they worship God because of His kindness to you.

And then day two, day two we all wake up, you get up, and all of heaven once again turns it eyes towards you and waits. what will he do to this one today. And God comes with a greater measure of kindness, and a greater measure of grace and a greater measure of  beauty and love and douses you with it, and lavishes it on you. Then all principalities and powers and mights and dominions fall down and worship God.” – Paul Washer, The Love of God


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