Street Evangelism Stories

A few days ago, during the end of our evening outreach, it was decided that one more gospel presentation would be made. The streets were relatively bare, and I don’t think that anyone was expecting much of a crowd. Just before the presentation, a man sat himself down at a pillar and was begging people for money. Though I wasn’t able to help him, I did talk to him a bit, and it was clear that he was under the influence of alcohol. 

As the presentation commenced, we drew up a little crowd, and things were going as usual. But about halfway through the presentation, the begging man began interrupting. Much to our surprise his interjections were helpful. Much to our surprise he began a mini-gospel presentation himself – and accurately. This caught the attention of nearly everyone around, as it was more dramatic to see a dishevelled begging man loudly testifying about Jesus than a crew of well dressed Christians.

A bit earlier on that evening, I was directed by a member of my team to go and speak with a Muslim Somalian woman who was standing nearby with her child. When I started speaking with her she told me that she spoke little English, and that her young child would have to translate. So I spoke to the child, and asked her if she would do me a big favor and repeat to her mother what I told her in English (in hindsight I should have just presented the gospel in a way that the child would understand, and then ask her to tell her mother. Thank goodness I’m getting training for that). So I got partway through the conversation, and it was clear that the little girl was having a wee bit of difficulty understanding what I was telling her, so I gave them a gospel tract, and got the little girl to pinky swear that she would try to understand it and read it to her mother someday. I pray that comes true!


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