The Wrong Dream

I used to pursue the wrong dream. It was unimaginative, and dull, paved by hard concrete and city lights, office boardrooms and bureaucracy. It’s a dream where with every achievement, every recognition, and every monetary gain, I placed another gem in my worldly crown, while I reigned over the kingdom of me.

Like a dream it was warped, and self-referenced, with all things subjected to my desires. Where the other humans were mere pawns to be played, or resources to be extracted for a temporary purpose. In this dream I was ever learning but never wise, ever indulgent, but insatiable, living it up, but rotten and dead.

Now I no longer chase dreams, but His will. He turned the lights on and  replaced those dreams with vision-no longer blind. He woke me up not just from a fantasy, but from the dead-no longer dead in my sins. No longer sleeping, but saved.



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