Jesus is dear to me


Jesus is dear to me, and I’m growing in love for Him more each day, but sometimes I forget that He is not dear to others. On my personal Facebook account I have many old friends and acquaintances that I made before I knew the Lord, therefore Most of them do not know him still.  It breaks my heart to see how they speak about Him with such contempt, while denying His existence. It is different when I evangelize strangers, and they mock Him, because the hurt does not reach as deep.

I will admit that I am slack in praying for them, so maybe this is the push I need to do so. In my heart I fear the seemingly inevitable loss of them all, and I wonder how much longer will they ‘tolerate’ me before they see me as an ‘undesirable.’ And as I pray, (just moments ago), it came to mind that instead of focusing on my possible loss of them, that I should focus on their lostness, and pray for their Salvation,in love.

Lord, help me to take the focus off my pain, and instead, help me to attend to the needs of others. Bring to mind your power to convict of sin and save sinners. Help me to not distance myself from those need you desperately! Spur me on to pray more. May you receive the reward of your suffering.


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